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We’re excited to announce our first winter workshops for this holiday season.

Need a fun activity for your student over the winter break? Give them the gift of learning tech - while having fun - at Sparkiverse! We have three exciting Winter Workshops running from January 1st through January 3rd at our Lab in Mountain View. Kids will have a blast exploring Minecraft as an educational tool, learning about circuits with hands-on building, and programming our array of codable robots. Plus if you attend one session, you’ll get the second and third for half price!

the workshops

The Details

  • 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Located at Sparkiverse Labs:
    •  825 Independence Ave, Mountain View
    • Right off 101 near the Costco
  • Buy one, get the rest half off! (AND sibling discounts available)

The Schedule

Monday, january 1st:

Minecraft team rally (Grades 1-6)

tuesday, january 2nd:

RoboRacing - code to victory! (Grades 1-3)

robot inventions - create the future (grades 4-6)

wednesday, january 3rd:

Creating Circuits - building with littlebits (Grades 1-3)

creating circuits - r2d2 hacking (grades 4-6)