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Our all-inclusive, full day camp includes snacks, lunch, and before/after care.  Sparkiverse creates a healthy STEAM environment where campers move between tech, science, art, and sports blocks throughout the day. This year's camp includes: Minecraft: Team Adventure Challenges, Minecraft: Mods, Magic, & More, Hacking Electronics: Imagine & Invent, Hacking Electronics: Connect, Code, & Invent, Robots: in the Real World, and Robots: Build & Create

What's So Different About Camp Sparkiverse?

- Not Just for TEch KIDS -

Our camps are ideal for the tech enthusiast, the camper you'd love to get their feet wet, and everyone in between. We believe technology is the new literacy.  So our job is to get all kids excited about tech by introducing advanced topics and wrapping them with hands-on fun and exploration.

- The Healthy Tech camp -

It's summer! It's not the time to keep kids behind a computer all day. Our campers switch between tech, art, and outdoor rec blocks throughout the day. Our camp is also designed to be a collaborative tech environment where campers work together - even in Minecraft.   Plus snacks and lunches are healthy.

- For girls and boys -

We've learned a lot about what girls and boys like in STEAM topics from our after-school classes. We've taken care to create curriculums that appeal to both girls and boys with emphasis on creativity and exploration. Read here about recent research about how important it is to introduce young girls to tech.

- Free food + Before/after care -

We're trying to make it simple for everyone. So it's a one-price camp that includes free snacks, free lunch, and free before/aftercare. So drop off by 9 (or as early as 8) and pick up as early as 4:00 ... but based upon last year, your camper will tell you not to show up before camp ends!

Camp Sparkiverse Offerings

Minecraft: Team Adventure Challenges (Grades 1-3), or Mods, Magic, & More (Grades 4-6)

Hacking Electronics: Imagine & Invent (grades 1-3), or Connect, Code, & Invent (grades 4-6)

Robots: in the Real World (Grades 1-3), or Build & Create (Grades 4-6)