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rEvolution of Space Travel

Sparkiverse offers the most fun and innovative after school STEM, STEAM, and tech classes in the Bay Area.  Creating with Circuits. Minecraft Challenges. Robots. Coding. And Game Design. Also with summer camps in Palo Alto.


the revolution of space travel

About THis Class

Our kids see space differently than we do.  Space travel isn’t just for movies anymore - soon it will be an expensive vacation.

But that doesn’t have to stop the goosebumps!  There’s so much to explore beyond our moon -- systems that have two stars orbiting each other (think Tatooine in Star Wars), stars so massive that our sun is a spec of dust in comparison, moons with liquid water at -200℉, and of course the prospect of extraterrestrial life.  People have always looked to the stars for inspiration, but now we’re not just looking -- we’re going!

This class seeks to educate and inspire a new generation of explorers.  Students learn about unique moons beyond Earth, recently discovered exoplanets, the conditions for extraterrestrial life, and advanced theories about black holes.  We explore new models of space travel (SpaceX, BlueOrigins, and Virgin Galactic) and where we might go next.

To bring learning down to earth, students simulate space flight via Kerbal Space Program Edu.  Kerbal Edu is a challenging space flight simulator where students run a space program, build and fly spacecraft using a 3D-physics simulator, and traverse the universe beyond planet Kerbal.  As students progress, they complete science goals to earn new rockets and navigational systems with the goal of launching their ship to discover new moons or planets.  Yes. It’s the same Kerbal that Elon Musk said is (and we do quote) “awesome.”

Sneak Peek inside this class

The Current State of Space

  • What is a star? How do stars and solar systems form? What makes our solar system unique?  What is a black hole and why has one “burped”? And what would happen if we approached one? (Answer: Spaghettification)

Exploring Exoplanets and Mars

  • Goldilocks Zone and what makes a planet habitable? (Answer: Liquid water).

  • Space mermaids and the possibility of life on Europa?

  • Kepler’s mission to find habitable planets: How does it find them? What might these worlds look like? How would we explore them?

  • Mars: Bill Nye’s plan to get humans on Mars’ surface and Elon Musk’s desire to colonize.  How will they overcome the challenges of Mars’ gravity, the different atmosphere, the difference in air pressure, the lack of water, and the harsh weather (Marsnadoes)?

The Consumerization of Space Travel

  • SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic,C and their reusable spacecrafts

Debunking Classic Space Movies

  • The “truth” about Star Wars and other movies we love

Who will Love This class?

  • Students that love science and space

  • Students that are curious about how the universe works

  • Students that loved ET, Star Wars, Star Trek -- or any boy or girl who want to be Star Lord or Rey:)