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Robot Coding Tech Lab

Sparkiverse offers the most fun and innovative after school STEM, STEAM, and tech classes in the Bay Area.  Creating with Circuits. Minecraft Challenges. Robots. Coding. And Game Design. Also with summer camps in Palo Alto.

robot Coding Tech Lab

About THis class

  Exploring how driverless cars work by programming our robots

Exploring how driverless cars work by programming our robots

You can have your robot and code it too!

You can have your robot and code it too!  We've sourced the coolest robots - many "hot" off the Kickstarter presses. In this Robots in the Real World class, students combine their love of playing with robots with their thirst to learn to code.  

Using visual programming apps, students code their robots to go on adventures and complete challenges. Students also learn the fundamentals of coding, exploring key topics such as conditional statements and nested loops.  

We then look inside the technological innovation as well as the business side of designing and building robots. How do robots get used in the real world - whether on our roads or in our skies? How do robotics companies decide how to model their robots? Why does Google’s latest model for the self-driving car look like a smiling face?

Sneak Peek Inside This Class

The Basics About Robots

  • What is a robot and how do robots make decisions? (Answer: Someone codes them.)

  • Experiment to see how our Ozobot robots are programmed to make decisions

  • Change the decisions Ozobot makes through code

Exploring Self-driving Cars

  • How would you design a self-driving car?

  • Experiment with coding our Thymio robots to test which way works best

  • How do these cars actually work?

Mars Rover Challenge

  • What tasks does the mars rover have to complete?

  • What tools does it have to accomplish them?

  • Program a virtual mars rover to autonomously explore a virtual mars

Artificial Intelligence

  • How does AI work? What is machine learning?

  • Are you smarter than a robot? 20 questions with AI

Who will Love This class?

  • Students who love robots

  • Students who love legos and are ready for a new challenge