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Movie Time, Tech Style

Sparkiverse offers the most fun and innovative after school STEM, STEAM, and tech classes in the Bay Area.  Creating with Circuits. Minecraft Challenges. Robots. Coding. And Game Design. Also with summer camps in Palo Alto.

movie time, tech style

About THis Class

Let’s use stories and videos as the format for innovation and tech learning! 

Our Design & Innovate movie class emphasize channelling kids’ imaginations with technology and project-based learning.  We call this “kid inspired and kid-owned” approach Creative Leadership.  Why do kids love Creative Leadership?  It allows them to guide the vision and decision-making process of the project by working in small teams.  Why do parents love these classes? Their students practice lifelong skills like communication, leadership, and cooperation.

In this class, students combine imagination with tech to learn about the storytelling and video making process: 

The Movie Making Lifecycle
Sparkiverse introduces students to the movie-making lifecycle, from the storyboarding and writing of the script to using different tech to express their creative vision.  We also explore some of the latest technologies being used in the movie-making industry.

YouTube Science Lesson

Let’s find ways for students to hone their movie making interests and share knowledge at the same time.  We challenge each group to pick a science or tech topic that is interesting to them and then find creative ways to teach that topic in a YouTube video.

Short Film - With a Focus on the Story

The week culminates in students working in small groups to create their own short film.  With green screens, sound effects, and duct tape, almost anything is possible.  But at Sparkiverse, it’s not just about the tech and teaching kids how to use equipment.  We work with the campers to help them become good storytellers.  We show students different styles of amazing shorts and have them assess where it was and wasn’t successful.  And we introduce Freitag’s pyramid - the five stages of the dramatic arc - to help them plan out their film.

Students then decide the theme of their project.  Will their film be an epic quest?  Will their film be a call for change?  Will it be live action or stop motion?  Will it be a story or poem from one of our campers that’s a budding novelist?  The best part is it’s all up to them.  Let your camper bring their imaginations to the screen in this class that combines tech and creativity!

Sneak Peek at the session

Research and Film a YouTube Science Lesson

  • Students work in small teams to pick a science or tech topic that is interesting to them and then find creative ways to teach that topic in a YouTube video.

Final Project: Short Film

  • Students work in small teams to apply what they’ve learned about the storytelling process into their own short film.

Who will Love This class?

  • Students that love the creative process of storytelling and making movies

  • Writers who want to see their ideas come to life