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More Minecraft Challenges

Sparkiverse offers the most fun and innovative after school STEM, STEAM, and tech classes in the Bay Area.  Creating with Circuits. Minecraft Challenges. Robots. Coding. And Game Design. Also with summer camps in Palo Alto.

More minecraft challenges

About THis class

Check out the feature on Sparkiverse and Minecraft on c|net!  Click here.

WE're continuing the Minecraft fun this Winter and SPRING!

More worlds! New challenges!

This class is ideal for a student who wants to see what's so fun about Minecraft - or your dedicated Minecrafter who wants to put their skills to the test.  Either way - it's a great class where students can take their love of playing games - usually alone on their own computer - and bring it into a classroom of fun-minded classmates.

Each week Sparkiverse takes students on team challenges using the educational version of Minecraft.  This version allows us to manage the game play inside of each Minecraft world  - and even give rewards or freeze the players as we act as both an instructor and coach.

What makes this class exceptional is that we've bundled all of the creative aspects that your student loves about Minecraft and wrapped it with collaborative learning and problem solving.  Students love playing the game together - and coming up with strategies as a team to solve challenges.  Parents appreciate that students are putting their Minecraft skills to use alongside classmates in the real world - and students love it just as much!

Let’s bring teamwork and imagination to Minecraft and watch the creative juices - and healthy competition - flow!

Who will Love This class?


  • Students who love Minecraft - girls and boys!

  • Students who may want to learn Minecraft and would enjoy learning in a collaborative environment

  • Parents who know their student loves Minecraft and likes the idea of a collaborative and social enviroment for the learning and playing