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Minecraft Rally: Team Challenge

Try the most innovative STEM and tech camp in the Palo Alto and Silicon Valley area.  The all-inclusive, full day camp includes snacks, lunch, and before/after care.  Sparkiverse creates a healthy STEM environment where campers move between tech, science, art, and sports blocks throughout the day.  Sessions include:  Creativity & Circuits, Minecraft Imaginations: Design + Build Challenge, Minecraft Rally: Team Challenge, Retro Game Design Lab, Robot Coding Starter Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Starter Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Imagination Lab, Animal Adventures, and Bioforensics + DNA Explorations Lab.

Minecraft rally: TEAM Challenge

About THis Camp

We're bringing social interaction to minecraft - and weaving in lots of fun and healthy competition.

Whether your student is new to Minecraft -- or has taken other Sparkiverse Minecraft classes - they will love this Minecraft Rally: Team Challenge camp!  Each day at Camp Sparkiverse takes campers on adventures using the educational version of Minecraft.  This version allows us to manage the game play inside of each Minecraft world  - and even give rewards or freeze the players as we act as both an instructor and coach.

This type of session is ideal for our younger Minecrafters. It ensures that they don’t simply sit on a computer in a room full of kids. Rather they work together with the other Minecrafters and learn teamwork, collaboration, and digital citizenship. Plus we mix Minecraft sessions with Art and Outdoor Rec to make sure your camper is having a healthy blend of summer activities.

Sneak Peek at the Week

  • Survival Challenge: Save the village from Mt. Ve-Spark-ius!  Work with teammates to come up with creative ways to prevent your wooden village from going into flames.

  • Oregon Trail Challenge: Can you make it to Oregon?  Campers start with a travel list and coins to trade in the village to get the food and supplies they need for their journey. Along the way the visit landmarks, stop in forts, go through Devil’s Gate Pass, and travel down a treacherous river to make it to Oregon.

  • MineChefs Cooking Competition: It’s where Minecraft meets the kitchen!  Campers start in Culinary School by learning how to use some new and fun additions to Minecraft - pots, pans, cutting boards, juicers, and even bee houses!  After their chef “training,” they face off in a Cooking Competition. Each camper gets starter seeds and a recipe book for their challenge. Who can put their skills to best use in the kitchen and impress the judges?

Who will Love This camp?

  • Girls and Boys who love playing games and like team challenges

  • Girls and Boys who want to put their Minecraft skills to use

  • Campers interested in getting to know Minecraft that would love to learn in the company of friends