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Minecraft Rally




ALL NEW WORLDS, ALL NEW ADVENTURES! Perfect for New or COntinuing Sparkiverse Students.

We're bringing social interaction to Minecraft - and weaving in lots of fun and healthy competition. If your student has attended other Sparkiverse Minecraft classes, don't worry - this class features all NEW worlds and challenges. This class has no prerequisite and is perfect for new Sparkiverse students too!

Sparkiverse takes your student on adventures using the educational version of Minecraft - to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. We ensure that students don’t simply sit on a computer in a room full of kids. Rather, they work together with the other Minecrafters and learn teamwork, collaboration, and digital citizenship.

This is a great class where students can take their love of playing games - usually alone on their own computer - and bring it into a classroom of fun-minded classmates. 

  • Students who love Minecraft - girls and boys!

  • Students who may want to learn Minecraft and would enjoy learning in a collaborative environment

  • Parents who know their student loves Minecraft and like the idea of a collaborative and social environment for the learning and playing

Who will love this class?