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Minecraft Adventures

Sparkiverse offers the most fun and innovative after school STEM, STEAM, and tech classes in the Bay Area.  Creating with Circuits. Minecraft Challenges. Coding. Robots. And Game Design. Also with summer camps in Palo Alto.

minecraft adventures

About THis class

We're in the news!  Click below to watch C|NET's feature on Sparkiverse and our educational approach to Minecraft: 

Let’s take what kids love about Minecraft and weave in learning, collaboration, and teamwork.

In Minecraft Adventuring we continue our explorations in MinecraftEdu with guided activities and learning adventures.  Sparkiverse emphasizes building and exploration, encouraging students to put their Minecraft skills to creative use.

As part of this class, teams of students create replicas to contribute back to the thousands of students and teacher around the globe that use MinecraftEdu.  For example, one team of students may decide to create model of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Students are challenged to explore different materials and power sources.  Students can use materials like Redstone to build electrical circuits and mechanisms inside their replica or world.

Let’s bring teamwork and imagination to Minecraft and watch the creative juices flow!

Who will Love This class?

  • Students who love Minecraft

  • Students who may want to learn Minecraft and would enjoy learning in a collaborative environment

  • Parents who know their student loves Minecraft and likes the idea of a collaborative and social enviroment for the learning and playing