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Friday Night Parties at local schools.!  We call it a Tech Kids Night Out. Parents drop off your student for a few hours and go have some fun of your own. We rotate across our tech topics - Minecraft, Coding, Robots, and More. 

Sparkiverse holds monthly kids' tech night out parties across the bay area.

Here's our Latest Party!  Want one at your school? send us an email!


Players wake up inside Mt. Sparkiverse after 200 years to discover a devastated Earth.  As students build a rocket ship to join the remaining survivors in space, they must work together to balance environmental concerns with the demands of technological progress.

As with all our Friday Night Parties, we have some fun games, learn and build in our Minecraft world, and wrap the night up with some cake.

Date:  Friday, May 20, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Location:  Palo Alto, Duveneck Elementary, Flex Room

Cost:  $40 per student

Register: Click HERE


FRIDAY May 20!

It's a minecraft construction party Kids' night out!

We're pulling out the (digital) pickaxes and hard hats next Friday night for our first Minecraft Construction Party!

Build your own NPC in our SparkTown!

  • Learn how to use the NPC* mod to create your own character in the game
  • Immortalize yourself as an NPC in our SparkTown world that will be played by hundreds of students throughout the Sparkiverse 
  • Go crazy with your character - set up trades, quests, and many other cool challenges
  • Decorate a cool apartment for your NPC to live in

As with all our Friday Night Parties, we have some fun games, learn and build in our Minecraft world, and wrap the night up with some cake.

Date:  Friday, April 22, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Location:  Palo Alto, Duveneck Elementary, Flex Room

Cost:  $40 per student

Register: Click HERE

* Parent translation:  NPC stands for Non-Player Character - a character in a Minecraft world that you interact with, but not play as.

MINECRAFT construction PARTY

FRIDAY April 22!

Minecraft Adventure Party

Friday Feb 5!

Join us this Friday, Feb 5 for a Save The Volcano Village Minecraft Adventure.  Plus - our brand new Maze Minecraft Challenge where students put their Minecrafting skills to the test!

Protect your city from an imminent volcanic eruption! Students work together to save their city from ruin. What defense system will the team use? Should they build a moat or a wall? What supplies do they need? Will they save the village in time?

Come to this party and test your Minecraft skills. And have a little cake to celebrate!  Parents: Drop off your kids and go have some fun of your own!  [Moms - Come to our special Moms' Night Out!]

Date:  Friday, February 5, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Location:  Palo Alto, Duveneck Elementary, Multi-Purpose Room

Cost:  $40 per student

Register: Click HERE

It's a FIRST OF IT'S KIND!  Moms, Mimosas, & Minecraft:  A Summer Camp Fundraiser

Who’s Steve? What’s a Mob? And Why Your Kid Loves Minecraft!

You may not love Minecraft, but your kids sure do.  So isn’t it time that you learned about it - and tried it out yourself?  Come for some fun and learning - grown-up sized - at our Moms, Mimosas, & Minecraft Friday Night event.

  • Learn about Minecraft and why it might actually be the perfect place to let your child’simagination run wild
  • Gain knowledge of the basic vocabulary and game play
  • Attempt to complete a Minecraft challenge like your kids do in our classes and parties

Imagine the surprise on your kid’s face when you can talk their language and even play it with them!  But it’s more than fun actually. It’s an important way to indicate to your child that you are interested in their passions.

Plus - Sparkiverse is donating all of the money from this evening to our scholarship fund to benefit underserved communities in our area.  Your fun night out will help send a student to our tech camp and open up new doors of learning.

Date:  Friday, February 5, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Location:  Palo Alto, Co-Launch Pad Salon, 654 Gilman Street

Cost:  $40 donation

Register: Click HERE

Moms' night OuT

Friday Feb 5!

Princess Coding Party

Girls and boys all gathered together coding Anna and Elsa.  Some in costume even!  It's a fun way to have a Princess party, throw in some tech, and have a sing-along too!

It's a party that everyone loves.  Sometimes it's coding with the new characters.  Or sometimes we build an R2D2 from littleBits circuits plus a lot of imagination.  And we throw in some trivia to the party too.

Star wars parties

Depending on our mood, we break out our codable robots and bring them to the party for fun challenges, like mazes and other learning adventures.

Robot Challenge Party