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Internet of Things (IOT) Imagination Lab

Try the most innovative STEM and tech camp in the Palo Alto and Silicon Valley area.  The all-inclusive, full day camp includes snacks, lunch, and before/after care.  Sparkiverse creates a healthy STEM environment where campers move between tech, science, art, and sports blocks throughout the day.  Sessions include:  Creativity & Circuits, Minecraft Imaginations: Design + Build Challenge, Minecraft Rally: Team Challenge, Retro Game Design Lab, Robot Coding Starter Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Starter Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Imagination Lab, Animal Adventures, and Bioforensics + DNA Explorations Lab.

Internet of tHings (IOT) IMagination Lab

About THis CAMP

We're Taking the Mystery out of the internet of things by having our campers create with it!

There’s no need to wait until high school for your camper to get started experimenting with the Internet of Things. This session combines data from social media like Twitter with coding and circuits for fun and imaginative hands-on projects.

One thing we’ve confirmed at Sparkiverse is that girls and boys both love hands-on exploration. It’s something they don’t get enough of in school - and it’s a critical part of the learning process. There's so much "talk" about the Internet of Things. This session is designed to help our older campers learn what IOT means by using their hands and imaginations.

Straight from KickStarter, this class features SAM Labs Internet Connected Electronics Kit that combines bluetooth-enabled circuits with drag-and-drop programming and Internet data.  This powerful combination enables campers to build just about anything and connect it to the Internet. It’s an imaginative camp week ideal for campers that love STEM topics - or campers that want to get a fun start playing with the latest and coolest technologies.

In this IOT Imaginations Lab, campers learn:

  • Principles of coding via drag-and-drop programming

  • Fundamentals of circuits with dozens of components for building and exploration

  • How to harness the IOT and connect their projects to Internet data

Straight from KickStarter, this class features SAM Labs Internet Connected Electronics Kit

Sneak Peek AT THE WEEK

Examples of class activities:

  • IOT Twitter Creature Dance: Students connect their circuit “creature” to a Sparkiverse-controlled Twitter account. When programmed words are tweeted, the contraption will dance

  • IOT Twitter Race: Students create a circuit “vehicle.” Tweeting of certain words power the vehicle

  • Lights! Camera! Actions! Students explore using the circuit sensors and flow-based programming to explore lights, alarms, and automated “photo booths”

Who will Love This CAMP?

  • Campers who have big imaginations and like to build

  • Campers who love the idea of using social media for learning and fun

  • Campers who hear about the "IOT" and want to know what that means

  • Campers who want to learn about coding, electricity, and circuits