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Late Fees

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Late Pick-up Fee
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Late Pick-up procedure and fee

Late Pick-up Procedure

If you know that you will be running late to pick up your student, please:

  • Call our main number 650-231-2048 so that we can provide an update to our instructor.
  • If alternate pick up arrangements will be needed, we must receive this information via email.  Please inform any alternate that we will be checking IDs upon pickup.

If we have not heard from you and a contact is not there within 5 minutes at the end of class, we will:

  • Call the primary guardian, secondary guardian, and emergency contact in that order.
  • If we are unable to get in contact with any of the above, we will call of the contacts again at 15 minute intervals.
  • If we do not hear after one hour, we will contact the local police department.

Late Pick-up Fees

Our goal is to avoid charging any late fees, so please remember to keep us informed.  However, when you are late, we incur additional facility and salary costs.  When we do need to charge the fees, we apply them as follows:

  • First 5 minutes:  Automatic flat $10.00 late fee is charged
  • After 5 minutes:  A $1.00 per minute late fee is charged