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Try the most innovative STEM and tech camp in the Palo Alto and Silicon Valley area.  The all-inclusive, full day camp includes snacks, lunch, and before/after care.  Sparkiverse creates a healthy STEM environment where campers move between tech, science, art, and sports blocks throughout the day.  Sessions include:  Creativity & Circuits, Minecraft Imaginations: Design + Build Challenge, Minecraft Rally: Team Challenge, Retro Game Design Lab, Robot Coding Starter Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Starter Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Imagination Lab, Animal Adventures, and Bioforensics + DNA Explorations Lab.

after school FAQS

Are the classes intended to be taken in a particular sequence? Is it required to take multiple classes in order for my child to complete their projects?

Each of our courses is a standalone class.  Students can take one or all.  Most courses are designed to introduce fundamentals in a fun and collaborative environment.  We do have follow-on courses for students who have completed an introductory course and would like to continue their exploration in that particular area.  These courses will require having taken an introductory class.

Are there additional fees (lab fee, equipment fee, materials fee, etc.)?

There are no additional fees. At Sparkiverse, the price for each class is all-inclusive.

Will you be mixing up the days of the week for these courses throughout the year?  My child would love to take a different course next semester but is already committed to another activity on a particular day.

Sparkiverse will be moving the days of certain classes from semester to semester to give more children an opportunity to enroll.  If you are interested in classes that we offer that are not at your school yet, please let us know as we expand our offerings.

Will there be snacks or drinks provided?

No food is allowed in Sparkiverse classes due to the nature of our equipment.  If your child is accustomed to having a snack, please pack a snack that can be easily consumed and promptly cleaned up outside of the classroom before the class begins.  Please note that there are many children in our schools and Sparkiverse classes with moderate to severe food allergies, including those sensitive to nuts and eggs.  Please refrain from providing those food items to your children in order to prevent an accidental allergic reaction.

What is your cancellation policy?

We know that plans can unexpectedly change.  Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancel a week prior to classes starting?  Full refund minus a $25 processing fee
  • Cancel the week classes started?  75% of the total cost minus a $25 processing fee
  • Cancel after classes start?  75% refund for any remaining classes minus a $25 processing fee

What is your late pick-up policy?

Late Pick-up Procedure

If you know that you will be running late to pick up your student, please:

  • Call our main number 650-231-2048 so that we can provide an update to our instructor.

  • If alternate pick up arrangements will be needed, we must receive this information via email.  Please inform any alternate that we will be checking IDs upon pickup.

If we have not heard from you and a contact is not there within 5 minutes at the end of class, we will:

  • Call the primary guardian, secondary guardian, and emergency contact in that order.

  • If we are unable to get in contact with any of the above, we will call of the contacts again at 15 minute intervals.

  • If we do not hear after one hour, we will contact the local police department.

Late Pick-up Fees

Our goal is to avoid charging any late fees, so please remember to keep us informed.  However, when you are late, we incur additional facility and salary costs.  When we do need to charge the fees, we apply them as follows:

  • First 5 minutes:  Automatic flat $10.00 late fee is charged

  • After 5 minutes:  A $1.00 per minute late fee is charged

What is your behavior policy?

We work to maintain a healthy learning environment in all of our classes. We start each class with a review of our Class Rules

  1. Be Respectful: to the equipment, to your instructor, to each other.
  2. No eating or drinking in the classroom
  3. Have fun!

We maintain a Zero-Tolerance Policy for any inappropriate behavior inside our classes, including violence, instances of physical altercations, or any other behavior that is threatening to the safety and wellbeing of other students.  If a student must leave class due to such an incident, a refund will not be provided.


How does the buy three get one free promotion work?

Each kid who comes to one of our Kids' Night Out parties will receive a "Frequent Flyer" punch card. Every time a kid attends one of our parties, they will get their personal card stamped. Once they have three stamps, their fourth party is free! This promotion is on a per student basis, this is not applicable for party purchases across multiple students (i.e. does not apply to a purchase for three siblings to attend one party).

What is your cancellation policy for KNO?

If you notify us a week before the scheduled KNO, we are able to offer you a full refund or transfer your registration to another session. If you cancel the week of, you will not receive a refund.

summer camp FAQS

What is included in the price?

EVERYTHING your child needs for the week.  We're busy parents too and know that there's a lot to manage. So we've tried to make it easy on you.  Drop off and pick up your camper at your convenience -- before and aftercare are included in the tuition. Don't worry about lunch - healthy snack and lunch are included in the price.  Lab and materials fees are rolled in as well.

INCLUDED:  Tech camp, snacks, lunch, before care, and after care

Are there any discounts? How can I get them?

We offer several discounts including early bird, sibling, and multi-session discounts.  These are applied at checkout automatically.

When does the camp day start and end? Is there a problem if my camper arrives late?

Your tuition includes access to our full-day of camp.  Our core camp hours are from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  Drop off is anytime after 8:00 am, with additional activities from 3:30pm until 6.  We suggest that campers arrive by 9:00 am to ensure they do not miss any of our daily activities.

Can I switch my camper's session after I have made the purchase?

Yes - as long as it is at least 14 days prior to your camper's first day. After that period, we charge a transfer fee of $25 dollars.  

What is the camp cancellation policy?

Here is the breakdown of our cancellation policy:

  • Before May 1st:  Full refund minus a $25 processing fee

  • Before June 1st:  Full refund minus a $100 cancellation fee

  • After June 1st:  No refund

My camper has taken a few coding classes before - which class would be the best for them?

We’d be happy to talk to you about your child’s experience!  Please send an email to and we’ll figure out how to keep your camper happy and challenged.

I was excited to see that you offer tech classes for kids as young as rising 1st graders!  How will you keep my camper inspired about tech?

Our class for young Sparkineers is called CIRCUIT CONTRAPTIONS.  We developed new, innovative ways to make advanced tech concepts accessible to our younger campers.  We take into account that they are still gaining fine motor and reading skills.  We've incorporated a healthy mix of online and offline activities to ensure campers are always having fun as they learn.

Will you be dividing up the classes according to the kids’ ages?

Yes.  As you see in our CAMP SESSIONS page, we've designed classes accessible to a wide range of grade levels.  In each session, we divide the campers into age appropriate groups.

My camper is heading into 6th grade, but I’m not quite comfortable putting them into the large middle school camps.  Do you provide challenging courses for my older camper?

We’ve designed our classes to inspire older campers.  Our older campers have a broader range of abilities and interests.  In these classes we incorporate the ideas of gaming strategy, critical thinking, and the satisfaction of DIY projects -- but we leave room for campers to bring their imagination and make it their own!

What is your behavior policy?

We work to maintain a healthy learning environment in all of our camps. We start each week with a review of our Camp Rules:

  1. Be Respectful: to the equipment, to your instructor, to each other.
  2. No eating or drinking in the classroom
  3. Have fun!

We maintain a Zero-Tolerance Policy for any inappropriate behavior at our camp, including any instances of physical altercations or other behavior that is threatening to the safety of other students.  Any student who engages in violent behavior towards another student will be removed at our discretion without a refund. 

birthday party FAQs

What do I need to have at my house (or off-site location) for the party?

You manage the food and we manage the fun. Our Party Leaders arrive with all of the tech needed for the party you have selected.

  • For our MINECRAFT CHALLENGE parties, you let us know which challenge your child would like to tackle. We bring a computer for each student, as well as any other equipment we need.
  • For our ROBOT CHALLENGE and STAR WARS CODING CHALLENGE parties, we work with you in advance of the party to determine which level of robot is appropriate for the age group.
  • For our CREATIVE CIRCUITS parties, we find out the interests of your child to determine the best tech crafting activity - whether it's chalk and pastels for a light up Starry Night or creating their own battery-powered Bug Bots for a race.

How many party goers can I invite?

We like to work with you in advance of the party to understand the location and the age mix.  This will help us make recommendations to ensure that everyone at the party has an awesome time and that there's enough room for the activities.

What about cake and food?

The only things that don't like cake and food are our computers, robots, and circuits :) So we require that all food is provided AFTER the tech portion of the party is over.  We do not allow students to have any food or drinks near the equipment.