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Coding Starter Lab

Sparkiverse offers the most fun and innovative after school STEM, STEAM, and tech classes in the Bay Area.  Creating with Circuits. Minecraft Challenges. Robots. Coding. And Game Design.  Also with summer camps in Palo Alto.


About THis class

Technology is the new literacy. It’s important to make sure your daughters and sons have a solid introduction at an early age whether or not they (or you) dream of them being a coder. So we’re rolling out CODING MINI SESSIONS for our younger students.  

In this Coding Starter Lab, we focus our younger students on problem solving skills by using drag-and-drop programming apps that minimize reading.  In this short session, students learn about loops and conditional statements and start to put their critical thinking skills to use. Each week students are challenged to build upon the principles they are learning - and to work in a collaborative environment with partners for many activities.

This class is much more than sitting behind a keyboard.  Students love real-world activities that reinforce principles taught in the class.  For instance, in one team project, students learn to "think" like a computer by executing instructions written by their classmates in the real world.  Then students move to the virtual world and program characters on their computers to perform simple and complex tasks.

Perfect for continuing Sparkiverse students or new. NO PREREQUISITE!

Who will Love This class?

  • Kids who love to play on the computer

  • Kids that love problem solving activities

  • Parents who want their kids to learn coding in a social setting