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It's the latest craze in cool parties. Tech straight to your door. Whether it's a Minecraft Challenge, a Star Wars Hacker Party, or a Creative Circuits event, your kids will have the coolest and most unique party around.

You manage the food and we manage the fun! Our party leaders arrive with all of the tech needed for the party you have selected.

  • For our Minecraft Challenge parties, you let us know which challenge your child would like to tackle. We bring a computer for each student, as well as any other equipment we need.
  • For our Robot Challenge and Star Wars R2D2 Hacking parties, we work with you in advance of the party to determine which level of robot or app is appropriate for the age group.

  • For our Creative Circuits parties, we find out the interests of your child to determine the best tech hacking activity - whether it's chalk and pastels for a light-up Starry Night, DIY LED circuit cards, or an RC Car Build Challenge.

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About the Party

We bring everything needed for the tech part of the party. We like to work with you in advance of the party to understand the location and the age mix.  This will help us make recommendations to ensure that everyone at the party has an awesome time and that there's enough room for the activities.

The only things that don't like cake and food are our computers, robots, and circuits :)  So we require that all food is provided AFTER the tech portion of the party is over.  We do not allow students to have any food or drinks near the equipment.  Our portion of your party runs 1.5 hours.

Please Click on the button below for more Information and to provide us with the details on your partY. We will email you with party availability for your desired date and time.